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It is the global provider of the broadest and most comprehensive enterprise guest experience and management platform for the hotel, casino, cruise, and luxury residential markets. We are on a mission to provide our customers with the most direct and advanced connection to their guests, while also supporting back-of-house operations and business intelligence.

How robotics process automation enables better data management

Humans are great at a lot of things… just not mundane, repetitive, computational tasks. In order to cope with the often terabytes of data used in BI and BA systems, we need to automate processes and get smart tech to do the stuff we’re not so good at.

Well managed and maintained data is key to reaping the rewards offered by big data. As Lin says, the “machine generated intelligence, descriptive insight, predictive forecast and prescriptive actions [that business intelligence tools generate] will only be as good as the data that is fed in.” But managing data has always been an incredibly labour-intensive affair, with constant checks and updates required to maintain its integrity.

Robotics process automation (RPA) seeks to solve the issue of data management. RPA refers to software that can be easily programmed to do basic, repetitive tasks across applications, just as if a human were manually tapping the keys and clicking the mouse at a workstation. RPAs can be taught workflows, and can therefore be used to fill in forms, update spreadsheets, file away documents in the correct location, and do any other basic, repetitive task.

So automation brings two major perks: “Speed and quality. The ability to automate routine tasks, improving both speed and error quality, is a primary benefit of automation, as it frees people to consider further improvements and new areas for customer engagement.”

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