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Business Process

Business Process Management

(BPM) is a strategic, holistic, and structured approach for optimizing notable repetitive tasks. It deals with process orchestration, extension, optimization, and, of course, innovation. BPM manages structured business processes by bringing human and automated activities into a managed sequence of steps. It fosters teamwork, streamlines collaboration, and automates production workflows.

How does BPM and RPA together help businesses?

Both BPM and RPA contribute in the field of business. BPM is an application or strategy to manage business processes in a better way while RPA is an application of technology used to bring revolution in businesses. Hence the combined use of RPA and BMP contribute in an efficient and systematic working of industries. Following are the points which show the use of BPM and RPA:

Core Focus

both provide maximum efficiency, optimization and increase value of business. BPM defines the entire process management model while RPA automates the execution of business processes to support company’s workforce (humans or virtual).

Technical Approach

BPM includes new applications and system definitions dealing with outdated systems while RPA automates the applications and integrates the underlying systems, without making many changes in the existing systems.

Project scope

BPM implementations require costly, time consuming implementations thereby leaving great impacts on business outcomes. RPA allows implementation of projects within budget and using available resources. Thus BPM ideas can be used using RPA techniques.

IT Footprint

BPM is used in complex process, where there no scope of improvements rather than changing the processes while RPA offers quick automation of processes that require high IT development or cost.